Why you need 3D wall art

When you need to decorate your walls, 3D wall art is some of those things that you should consider. This is a form of wall art design that is gaining popularity across multiple households. If you would like to have your walls painted, consider 3D wall art since it will give you the results you need. Here are some of the reasons why you ought to consider having 3D wall painting.


3d wall painting enables you to create an illusion of more space in your room. Smaller rooms can be made larger by having a3d painting on the wall. For instance,a largeroomneeds to have a large drawing for it to have that illusion of continuity. This brings out the realism in the picture on the wall.

Going for the 3d wall décor ideas gives one the idea of revolution. This form of art was first seen in movies, later on to walls justify in your home. This makesit even more exciting, as the design makes your walls look great. Having greater wall with unique art ideas is a wonderful form of interior design.


It is possible for you to find a professional who will deliver qualityand affordable 3Dwall décor in South Africa. The cost is effective in the sense that the wall at will last for a long time without losing its essence.


When high-quality paints and techniques have been used to create the 3d wall art, they will last for a longer time. The durability of the art will depend on the strength of the material to endure time. It, therefore, becomes worth the time and the money. With a relevant design of the art, the wall art will remain relevant for a longer period before it is faced out.


There is variety when it comes to investing in 3d wall art designs. The designs will mainly range from patterns and pictures. There is plenty to choose from, given the wide number of patterns available. Patterns are likely to be a preference because they will remain relevant for a longer time. However make sure you have made the justify choice depending on your decor.

Things to consider when painting your home

When painting the interiors of your home, you need to consider various factors. These are essential since they will determine the outcome after the wall painting has been completed. The art of painting requiresthat you have experienced painters for you to get agreat result. Whether you are repainting your interior walls to keep them from wearing out or you are in need of fresh paint, consider the following factors;

Consider paint colors

Wall décor ideas are great when combined well to create an exciting blend of colors. A good blend should also match the furniture in your house. Select a paint color that will surely blend in well with the other furnishings in your home and the ceilings. In case you are looking at a new house, be sure of the furniture you want to buy and consider a suitable color of paint.

Size of the room

Every room in your home has its dimensions. However, depending on the paint you choose, you can make the room appear bigger or smaller.This will, however, depend on your preferences. For instance, the colors violet and green will make a room look larger while red and yellow gives a room a smaller appearance.

Different color shades

Wall décor ideas greatly depend on the colors that were usedduring painting. If you are refraining from using multiple colors, then consider using the same colors but with different shades. This will range from highly contrasting to cool colors. In this case, it is advisable for one to use colors that highly contrast.

Light effect on color

Colors are affected differently by light. Determining various rooms and the amount of light supply they get is highly recommended. For every room, ensure you have the justify color with theproper effect of sunlight coming into the room. This requiresthat you choose your colors properly before getting greatSouth Africa wall art.

Room activity

Every room in your house has a specific purpose and mood it needs to deliver. This is made possible by the color painted on the room walls. This means that you have to search well and specifically for the color paint that will work well with the purpose of the room. For instance, the kitchen wall décor and the bedroom will not necessarily have the same color. They are meant to give different moods and serve various purposes. You will need to do some good research to attain the best wall décor ideas.

How to choose art and décor for the living room

Art and décor for the living room should be chosen wisely.A warm, stylishand attractive living room is the dream for every person. This means that décor and wall art for your interiors should not be taken lightly. Here are a few tips to follow when choosing wall art and décor for your living room.

Cost effective

Choosing artwork and décor for the living room can be a difficult task. However, if you start by planning a budget, you’ll make everything much easier. For most people, it is necessaryto refurbish rooms and replace décor after a few years. If you invest in an art piece that is super expensive, you might end up with nothing left to spend on decorating other sections of the home. Always find something that is well within your budget and complements your home décor.

Color themed

Somecolors blend in and look great together. When choosing your kitchen wall décor and art pieces, you should selectcolors thatwill blend. Also, consider if the other décor and art pieces are within the same color scheme. Keeping it neutral or bjustify all the way will enhance a good looking living room.

Décor follows walls

The walls and other furnishings in your living room might be difficult to change. Having to decorate or renovate walls to follow the décor you have recently added to your room will be difficult. However, it is much better if you choose artwork and décor piecesdepending on the existing theme in your home. It is more expensive to repaint your interior walls just because you purchased some décor pieces.

Black and white

In most cases black and white are colors that will go along any other colors without creating confusion. You can place the pieces, or make a combination of the décor pieces to create good visuals. No matter the price of a black and white piece, you can change your interior, and it will remain to be relevant.