Paintings & Art

We are a family-friendly interior décor company based in South Africa. We lighten up your home with truly unique pieces of art on your home walls. We offer the best South Africa wall art services.

Alvin Mageto

Project: Kitchen décor

I called Paintings & Art to paint my kitchen. I was pleased with how they painted the ceilings, created a textured wall and created a wall art on the walls. I highly recommend their professional painters.


Mellissa William

Project: Created a wall art for my living room

I always wanted a wildlife wall art in my living room. I shared the idea with you guys, and the painting you did was perfect. You made it as I wanted. You want a perfect wall?These are the best designers to call.


Ivy Davidson

Project: Interior design

I hired Paintings & Art to decorate my entire home. The task included painting my master bedroom, living, kitchen, and bathroom. I also requested for wall arts for my living and master bedroom. I highly appreciate your painting ideas.

We will turn your interior decoration photo ideas to reality

Collaborate with our team

Have a painting idea? Tell us and we will create it. We transform your wall art ideas into a real painting. We will send you a photo of your painting on a wall before you buy it. Try it, to buy it.

Why Choose Us

We use the latest printing technology
We create our wall arts from high-grade quality materials
We develop hard-wearing wall art and paintings
Get ready to hang or sticking wall arts
Moisture resistant – bathroom and kitchen wall arts

Our Past Projects

We have completed thousands of interior décor projects for the past few years. Here are some of the ideas we have transformed to reality.

Meet Our Team

Our team comprises of the best interior designers in South Africa. Their art and painting record is outstanding. The team has the skills and experience to draw your wall décor ideas. We are licensed and experienced in kitchen wall décor, bathroom wall décor, and other residential interior decoration services.